Aquazone Desktop Garden is unique screensaver software

Aquazone Desktop Garden is a unique screensaver software. It is for people who like the feel of owning an exotic fresh or salt-water fish tank, without wanting the hassle of caring for them. This gorgeous desktop garden offers a digital aquarium. The set-up is not complicated - just install and watch them swim. Aquazone contains 20 different kinds of fresh and saltwater fish and up to 8 various tanks, which contain unique fishes, corals and other. Aquazone runs as either a screensaver or interactive application. You can pick out which tank to display which fish (and how many of each) and adjust the lighting and audio. You can zoom in on your selected fish and follow it around while it swims feeds or interacts with other fish. There is also the possibility to feed the fish. You will hear a shaker sound with each click and see flakes of food drifting down from the top. In addition, the package includes Aquazone Desktop Garden Expansion packs, where you will find DeepSea (ocean view), Fun (various bathyscaphes, divers and so on), Goldfish, Jellyfish (some more fresh water fish), Riffish, and Turtles.

Julia Galygo
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  • Customization tools
  • Up to 20 kinds of fish
  • Photorealistic backgrounds
  • Lightning and sound effects


  • Movements of the fish are jerky sometimes
  • The fishes still seem cartoonish
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